Charlestown is the last open 18th Century Georgian harbour in the UK and is proud to be a UNESCO world heritage site

When you enter Charlestown Harbour in Cornwall you are transported back in time. The Harbour has a unique history and geography and remains a vibrant working port, with classic tall ships, beautiful beaches and great places to eat and drink whilst enjoying the breath-taking views.

Charlestown Harbour is a great place to spend the day. The Harbour, built in the late 1700s, has some fascinating architecture to admire. Visitors can stroll this historic site whilst taking in amazing views over St Austell Bay. A walk between the quays includes walking over the famous lock gate, which is a must for many.

From 1st April – 31st October unique the Inner Harbour is open – free of charge – to visitors who can explore the history of the Harbour from within.

The Harbour has a fantastic range of food a drink outlets on offer.  Whether it’s a coffee, pasty, rum cocktail or braised beef brisket, there’s something for everyone to sit and enjoy whilst taking in the views of the harbour and tall ships.


Charlestown has a fascinating history that visitors can explore during a scenic tour of the Inner Harbour. The Harbour was designed and built in the late 1700s and remains unspoilt to this day.

Over the years, Charlestown has been at the heart of many an industry, from fishing and China Clay to film and TV production and tourism.


Whether you are visiting Cornwall on holiday or a local looking for a fun day out for the family, Charlestown Harbour has something for everyone.

For some, Charlestown’s intriguing, unique history is what makes it special. From initial construction in the late 1700s, to being a busy working China Clay port, the Harbour for many is a place of fascination. Whilst the last clay ship left many years ago, the the Harbour remains a working port, full of classic, traditional ships. It’s a beautiful setting for a walk around the quays and has a great choice of places to eat and drink.

Film and television fans love to come and see some of the places in their favourite films and shows. From walking in Ross Poldark’s steps, to standing where Michael Caine stood in The Eagle Has Landed  our iconic Harbour has a varied and interesting history as a filming location.

There are two tranquil beaches to choose from, and they are a great place to sit and enjoy the views of St Austell Bay.